Conversational Maturity

Skyrocket our conversions with a personalised chatbot.

Every visitors expect the website to make it easy to get in touch. If our website forms are unfriendly to the visitors and impersonal, so we found there’s a big move towards using live chat and chatbots on website for marketing activities to get instant results.


Emotionally Intelligent

Greeting and Welcoming visitors with open ended questions.

We understand that we naturally use empathy and build rapport when we meet people face-to-face. So, if someone lands on website, a helpful welcome message is a great way to say hello. Even though you’re using automation, it makes the experience more human, accessible and available. GAIPPbot will automate to play according to the people mindset. It is emotional intelligent bot.


GAIPP CRM Integrations

It works with GAIPP CRM. We can make it more targeted to our potential different business verticals, that’s even better with scalablity.


Free to Explore

What questions might they have? What are they trying to accomplish? What outcomes are they here for?

When you look at your customer’s goals from their perspective, it’s much easier to write questions, messages, guides and content that helps them move forward in the buying decision because it’s written for them.